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  • Max

    Max had started learning body art when he was 15 years old. He had been interested in artwork, therefore, he went to study in the college in the field of fine arts and also had studied tattoo by himself while he was studying at the college. He practiced by working on his friends’ bodies. He could perform tattoo work and could design all kinds of work including realistic, old school, new school etc. The part that is his aptitude and also is his favorite work is modern Japanese-style work. Max had opportunity to work at the Old Man Tattoo in 2016 and in that year he was sending his work for contest and was awarded with the third-rank prize in the field of Dragon at the Bangkok Tattoo Contest 2016 Fair. And later, in 2019 he was awarded with the first-rank prize in the field of Best of the Day in the Bangkok Tattoo Contest 2019 Fair. He has been improving himself constantly, finding for new techniques. He wishes that he could have a chance to send his work for contest in foreign countries. Portfolio
  • John

    One of the most experienced tattooers in the Phuket region, John began his tattooing career in 1993using traditional Thai bamboo techniques to make beautiful Thai inspired tattoo’s. Four years later John opened his first shop then located in Kata. Old Man Tattoo’s was established in Phuket Town in 1999 and remains the longest running tattoo shop in Phuket Town, well known for quality tattooing work and attention to hygiene. Inspired by artists such as Filip Leu, Paul Booth and Sid Siamese – John specialises in oriental/japanese, black and grey, Thai designs and cover-up’s created in his own unique style. Portfolio